TORONTO 2000 SC – Sunday Schedules

Sunday, October 17, 2021

6:00 pmASt. Marthas FC 2-3Brown Boys FC
6:00 pmBToronto Uruguay 3-2Baloteletubbies
6:00 pmCMighty Mighty FC 2-1Penaldos
6:45 pmAMartino’s Amigos 7-0Shotgunning Strikers
6:45 pmBBig Oak 1-0Pescara Beach Club
6:45 pmCThe Cumpares 1-4Cleats and Cleavage
7:30 pmAAurora Talons 5-0Caledon Ladies FC
7:30 pmBVaughan Azzurri 1-1Caledon Angels
7:30 pmCCion FC 3-0AC Starz
8:15 pmAGoaldiggers 2-4Aurora United
8:15 pmBStrikers FC 2-0West Toronto
8:15 pmCVictorious Secrets 0-2Vaughan AC
9:00 pmACanoli FC 2-5Labourers FC
9:00 pmBAbout to Get Messi FC 4-2AC Scopa
9:00 pmCJeff’s FC 2-1Gabagool FC
9:45 pmATekkerslovakia 3-3 Bernestain Bears FC
9:45 pmBPrime Mates FC 0-2Manchesthair City
9:45 pmCVilla Colombo FC 2-3Cruijfftal Palace

Sunday, October 24, 2021 NO SPECTATORS ALLOWED

6:00 pmAPrime Mates FC Cruijfftal Palace
6:00 pmBManchesthair City Cion FC
6:00 pmCAC Starz Villa Colombo FC
6:45 pmABaloteletubbies Mighty Mighty FC
6:45 pmBSt.Marthas FC Penaldos
6:45 pmCBrown Boys FC Toronto Uruguay
7:30 pmAWolves FC Fully Vaxxed
7:30 pmBBolivia United Panthers
7:30 pmCColo Colo T.O. Vida FC
8:15 pmAAurora Talons Aurora United
8:15 pmBCaledon Ladies Vaughan Azzurri
8:15 pmCCaledon Angels Goaldiggers
9:00 pmAStrikers FC Blue Devils
9:00 pmBWest Toronto Victorious Secrets
9:00 pmCVaughan AC Straight Shooters
9:45 pmAMartino’s Amigos Cleats and Cleavage
9:45 pmBShotgunning Strikers Big Oak
9:45 pmCPescara Beach Club The Cumpares
10:30 pmAJeff’s Cmore FC
10:30 pmBGabagool FC Tekkerslovakia
10:30 pmCBernestain Bears FC Pope Pepe’s Army
11:15 pmAAS Scopa FCB
11:15 pmBCannoli FC Si Porque
11:15 pmCLabourers FC About to Get Messi FC